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Command Prompt for Your Website

Right when you thought that command prompts were a thing of the past for normal computer users, here comes PodiPodi that adds another dimension to user interactivity on websites; through command-prompt-esque interaction on websites!

Here’s the official description from the site:

PodiPodi is an experimental project in Interaction Design born with the aim to give web designers a way to enhance their websites with two new levels of interaction:

  1. an additional fast and easy to use user interface for your visitors, inspired by Enso from Humanized Inc.
  2. a bunch of new useful services for your website

All you have to do is Press Shift+Space on a PodiPodi-enabled website!


And lo and behold, a command-prompt-esque interface will pop up (dark gray with a blinking cursor) on the top portion of the visible website area:


Now go on and type commands to interact with the site. Type help and you will get a list of the supported commands:


PodiPodi is all JQuery based. So it will fit into any site.

It’s an interesting concept. Although, initially, I couldn’t see any point in providing such type of interactivity on a website, unless nostalgic is what they want the visitors to feel. But looking at it from another angle, websites are not really keyboard-enabled.

Unless we are filling out a web form or have no problem in tabbing our way through, mouse is generally the only way that we interact with websites.

But the concept of PodiPodi will provide keyboard-enabled navigation of websites.

Now that’s cool! I am sure that more such interaction concepts are going to pop up soon.

Go PodiPodi.