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WordPress 2.5 – Yet another issue!

WordPress 2.5 is finally here, and I have upgraded to it from the initial Release Candidate 1 I had installed initially. WordPress is a blessing, and I love this new version!

But, after tackling with an issue in WP 2.5 RC 1, yet another issue was waiting to be tackled in this ‘final’ 2.5 version.

The issue was with TinyMCE Visual Editor. The Visual/HTML tabs were non-functional … in short, it was messed up (as seen in the image above. Image Source)!

I found a thread in WordPress Support on this issue, and this solution worked for me. Another post and solution here as well. Following is the solution that worked for me:

1. Compression is enabled on the server. If it’s set properly (in php.ini) the compressor for TinyMCE would detect it and not try to compress the js. To check for double compression: with Firefox, go to [your-site]/wp-includes/js/tinymce/tiny_mce_config.php. Should be a large text (js) file, starting with “var tinyMCEPreInit = …” and last line starting with “tinyMCE.init({mode:”none”,…”.

If it’s not – edit tiny_mce_config.php, looking for
'compress' => true,
change to
'compress' => false,