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Subversion has a new home at Apache Software Foundation

Late last year (November 2009), the CollabNet sponsored open source version control system Subversion (SVN) was submitted to the Apache Incubator, in order to become part of the Apache Software Foundation. A press release was issued to this effect.

Subversion is now officially called Apache Subversion and has a new home address at

The old homepage of Subversion is showing the following message:

Subversion message on old homepage before moving to Apache 

It’s an exciting development for me, as I have recently become more interested in the whole Open Source lifecycle: the community, the forking, the contributions, and the learning. This submission, and consequently the acceptance, of Subversion into the folds of Apache Software Foundation is an important case in point of how open source softwares (will) continue to live and flourish.

Another feather in the cap of Apache Software Foundation in particular, and open source in general. Keep going!

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