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PHP 5.4 on OS X Mountain Lion

Installing PHP 5.4 on Mac OS X Mountain Lion from Source

Here is how to install (or update) PHP 5.4 on Mac OS X Mountain Lion from source. This walkthrough is an extension of Upgrading the Native PHP Installation on OS X Mountain Lion. So first follow that, and if you come across any issues during the ./configure part of PHP installation, then come back here. This is what you will get at the end:

PHP 5.4 on Mac OS X

Here are the step-by step instructions that I followed to get PHP installed from source on Mac OS X Mountain Lion:

Step 1: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Follow Upgrading the Native PHP Installation on OS X Mountain Lion (tutorial 1). Ideally, this link would be the only article you have to go through to setup PHP 5.4 on OS X Mountain Lion. In my case, it wasn’t. So we move to step 2, where I encountered the first error during ./configure part of PHP installation. The rest of this walkthrough assumes that you have followed the walkthrough from the original tutorial up till the ICU installation section, right before the “Installing” heading.

Step 2: Install libpng to tackle: configure: error: png.h not found.

Upon executing the following:

It ended with the following lines:

I tackled this by installing libpng through homebrew (you should have homebrew installed from the earlier step in the original tutorial):

Step 3: Install freetype to tackle: configure: error: freetype.h not found.

Executing ./configure line again ended with another error:

Tackled it by installing freetype:

Step 4: Tackling: configure: error: utf8_mime2text() has new signature …

Executing ./configure again, it threw a new error this time:

This took me the longest to solve! I tried the following:

But that didn’t solve the problem. The error turned out to be related to the PHP IMAP extension, for which, as I found out, we require to compile IMAP from source.

Step 4.1: Compiling IMAP from Source on OS X Mountain Lion

I followed Step 1 from Snow Leopard PHP and IMAP Support article to get IMAP compiled on my Mac (no need to follow the rest of the steps), which made the error in step 4 go away, but introduced a new one.

Step 4.2: Helping OS X find libc-client.a

Now the new error that I received when executing ./configure was:

For this, I got a little help from PHP IMAP support in Mac OS X Lion without recompiling PHP: I executed the following (while in the /usr/local/imap-2007 folder):

This fixed the error.

Step 5: Do you want PHP with International Support?

Yet another error upon executing ./configure. Installing PHP manually on Mac OS X is such a pain!

Turns out that this resulted from a a step I skipped from the original tutorial, which walked through installing ICU for enabling international support. If you are getting this error, make sure you followed that step. However, if you don’t really want international support in PHP on your system, you can remove the –enable-intl option while running ./configure. I did the latter and finally got through the ./configure command!

Milestone Reached: Configured successfully!

Upon successful execution of ./configure, you will see the following:


Oh wait, there is more to do before PHP 5.4 is installed on OS X Mountain Lion.

Step 6: Make PHP

Followed the next part in tutorial 1, which involved running:

The tutorial said that it will take up to 30 minutes, so we need to wait. After a while, the process ended with the following:

This probably means success as far as make is concerned, so I went ahead with the next part of the tutorial. It will also ask you to send the test result to PHP folks and ask for your email address if you choose to.

Step 7: Install PHP

It ended quickly. Looks like everything went fine.

Step 8: Check PHP version to make sure you got everything right!

Let’s check the PHP version:

This resulted in:

Yayy!! Installing PHP 5.4 on Mac OS X, or updating it, was not easy, but in the end you should have PHP updated to version 5.4, just like I did! While doing it, we gained the experience of building, compiling and installing a software from source. It was worth it.


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