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Unable to Upload Files into WordPress on Localhost – OS X Apache

Came across a very weird bug in WordPress 3.7.1, which was not letting me upload any image/file through the Media Uploader. It was constantly giving the following error:

  • I tried changing folder permissions to 777; error.
  • Tried changing folder owner to _www; error.
  • Tried changing folder group to _www; error.

None of these solutions worked.

I have a custom folder structure, where wp-content has been renamed to content. So I turned to wp-config.php file. This is how it looks like in my wp-config.php:

I tried changing the last line back to /wp-content/uploads (and renamed the folder), but still the same error! I was pulling my hair at this point!

Then I don’t know what occurred to me, and I commented out that last line. And voila! It worked!

Now I have no clue why explicitly defining the uploads folder was causing the issue, whereas on the WordPress Codex that’s exactly how the uploads folder – on a custom path – is supposed to be defined. Anyway, if anyone is having this issue in WordPress 3.7.x (or other versions), simply try removing this line from your wp-config.php file:

That’s all folks.

How to Install Mysql2 Ruby Gem on Windows

If you are getting an error like the following, when running ‘bundle install’ or ‘gem install mysql2’ on Rails 3:

gem install mysql2
ERROR: Error installing mysql2:
The ‘mysql2’ native gem requires installed build tools.

Please update your PATH to include build tools or download the DevKit
from ‘http://rubyinstaller.org/downloads’ and follow the instructions
at ‘http://github.com/oneclick/rubyinstaller/wiki/Development-Kit’

Then read on.

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Multiple Skype Accounts / Instances on a Single PC

For all those searching for a way to use multiple Skype accounts on a single computer, let me tell you that it’s actually very simple to achieve for Skype 4.0 and above.

When I searched for such a solution, I found lots of links that talked about running multiple Skype accounts through multiple administrator accounts or through Task Scheduler. Pfft … scrap that if you are running version 4 or above!

The solution is posted after the jump.

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How to Create New Docking Toolbars on the Desktop in Vista?

Docking taskbar toolbar in Windows VistaI liked the way I was able to create additional toolbars from the taskbar in Windows XP, and then detach and move them around to dock to any side of the desktop screen. Unfortunately, this is not possible in Windows Vista, or so I experienced at first. The ability to detach a toolbar from the taskbar is no longer there, but there is another way now.

This nifty little feature of having a toolbar dock to any of the edges of your desktop screen is still there; only the mechanism to achieve this has changed.

The new technique is nicely described here: Create a New Vista Toolbar – Magic Trick. It’s quite simple: all you have to do is drag a folder to the edge of the screen and it will dock! Yes, that is all.

Here are a few additional links to take maximum advantage from this sweet little feature:

Detached and docked Quick Launch bar in Windows Vista

10 things you’ll miss when you upgrade to Vista (and how to get some of them back) – #1 tells you how to get the Quick Launch bar off of the main taskbar and dock it vertically to one side of the screen.

Trim Windows Vista’s Bloated Window Borders – You might find the new docked toolbars a bit ugly because of that thick translucent border around them (with Aero in Windows Vista). Follow this link and put those borders on a diet for good!

The Vista taskbar: it’s worse than XP’s – Although this rant by Dan Warne is no more relevant, since the solution has been discovered (and mentioned in the comments), but it’s still fun to read this old blog post on this at-that-time-presumed missing feature (of detachable-n-dockable toolbars) from Vista.

How to Create a Toolbar in Vista – Once again, the link to the article containing the solution (magic trick) mentioned above.