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Firefox Stops Responding to Pressing Enter in the Address Bar


There’s this annoying little bugger in Firefox, where, out of the blue and just so randomly, the address bar stops responding to the Enter key after you have entered the website’s URL!

No matter what you do: press Enter, Ctrl + Enter, click the (Go) Arrow button … Firefox would sit there idle, as if it’s ignoring the Enter key, while the cursor keeps on blinking in the address bar as it is.

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WordPress 2.5 RC1 Media Upload Problem Resolved

Software: WordPress 2.5RC1
Problem: Media Upload Problem
Status: Resolved!

As I was setting up this blog, I started out with WordPress 2.5 RC1 (Release Candidate 1). However, I faced a major issue with the new media uploading features that they have provided in 2.5; it failed to upload any media (I was trying audio). With some search, I stumbled on WP Support Forums and found that a few others were facing the same problem.

Finally, today, a working solution was posted. Thanks to Philip Barron for coming up with the solution here.

Solution: .htaccess tweak re mod_security and image upload using Windows Firefox