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Humming Our Song by Taylor Swift

Though I am not much into English* songs but recently I had a chance view of Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift on The Muzik – a desi music TV channel! I was instantly hooked and liked it.

Upon searching for Taylor Swift on YouTube, the video that featured on top in the search result was her song called Our Song. And man, that video had been viewed more than 10 million times!! Gosh! Right now the count is at 10,841,957. Wow! Never seen any video’s view count so high!

So I was compelled to click and watch Our Song, forgetting about Tim McGraw altogether. The click was well worth it. I got hooked instantly, and I loved Our Song! Here, watch Taylor Swift’s Our Song:

I love the music, the composition, and especially the simple lyrics, and the way she has sung it. She’s so good. Not to forget, Taylor Swift looks so awesome, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous and what not in this video. Aah I am in love with Taylor Swift. *wub*

[* When I say ‘English songs’, I am referring to ALL songs that are sung in English language in general and American (English) songs in particular.]

Laloo Prasad Yadav in Funny Mood

Laloo Prasad Yadav is a well known political figure in India. I found this funny (and very interesting) video clip of Laloo presenting the Railway Budget in the parliament, and upon hooting by the opposition, who were probably asking him to deliver the speech in English rather than in Hindi, he renders quite an entertaining version of his speech translated into English. Watch: